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San Diego Daily Transcript: Extremists Deny Science, Threaten Energy Security (January 5, 2017)

By P. Anthony Thomas, former Executive Director of the California Natural Gas Producers Association, a nonprofit trade association dedicated to representing the interests of independent natural gas producers operating in California.  CNGPA members account for 90% of California's natural gas production.

A recent Appeals Court ruling has ended a nearly two year legal fight blocking a safe and affordable energy supply for San Diegans. In December, the 1st District Court of Appeals allowed a Public Utilities Commission decision to stand, permitting the construction of a $2 billion dollar power plant that will generate electricity using natural gas.

Activists filed a lawsuit claiming environmental concerns, but if they were truly environmentalists they would support the power plant considering that natural gas has helped pave the way for the United States to be the global leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Frivolous lawsuits are just another tactic that the “Keep it in the Ground” anti-fossil fuels movement uses to threaten our nation’s energy security.  In a move that defies logic, these so-called “environmentalists” would prefer to see less energy produced domestically under the world’s toughest standards and instead force the U.S. to rely even more on imported energy from countries who follow little to no environmental protections. 


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